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Thread: How to save after "vocal removed" (minus one)

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    How to save after "vocal removed" (minus one)

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    Hi all,
    I am a total newbie here, and need some help on rendering issue:

    1. I removed vocals from a existing song/track by a) duplicate track, b)separated the L/R channels c) phase inverted track 1; d) master mix on mono.
    2. When I play the song, I got "minus one" no vocal result as expected.
    3. But, when I rendered the projectt (MP3), the resulted file has the vocal back.

    What did I do wrong? How to get my no vocal file (mp3) from this process?

    Thank you for anyone with kindest assistance.

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    What you hear is how it should render. What DAW are you using?

    It's possible that having the master mix on mono is tricking you if the render itself is still in stereo

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