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Thread: Help with audio monitors, audio interface, and pro tools

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    Help with audio monitors, audio interface, and pro tools

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    Hello, im not new to recording music but im new to home studio recording. I just bought a new computer and I have a m audio fast track interface (the one that comes wih pro tools se). Im gonna upgrade to pro tools 10 but im just using that for now to get a feel. I also have the m audi av 30 monitors. What im having trouble with is playback on pro tools, I think something is setup wrong. First of all I didnt know how to setup the monitos, I dont know whether the red and white rca cables go in to the interface or the back of the speakers, then there is a 1/4" I think on the other end of the rca cable and I just dont know where that goes, theres no where to put it on the interface or the speakers, I heard youre not supposed to put it in the computer because the sound card is bad but I tried it anyway and it still didnt work. So what I did was I got a av cable that I had upstairs, like the ones that come with a playstation or something, and I plugged it in to the speakers and the interface and it works, but when Plug my headphones in to the interface, it then switches to the headphones, so I have to plug it out and back in whenever im recording and I want it to playback through the speakers, is that how its supposed to be? Next problem is on pro tools se when I record something and play it back sometimes there is no sound, other times its just a loud scribble scrabble noise(like the noise tvs make when its just a blank grayish screen), other times it skips all over the place. Point is im having trouble, I think I set something up wrong, im sure of it, I just dont know what to do, any help would be greatly appreciated

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    RCA to back of monitors. The 1/4" end goes to the Fast Track TRS output 1/2. Or you could use RCA cables from the interface RCA out 1/2, to the monitors as well. I assume the interface is possibly designed to shut off monitor output when headphones are plugged in. Otherwise, you would have to turn off the monitors when recording with a mic (feedback).

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