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Headset I like is the Logitech USB headset. You can swing the mic out of the way, headphones are pretty small and lightweight. They are about 20ish US. Not too expensive and they work really well. Clear hearing and mic does a really good job. Not for listening to music with as they are mainly for speech.

With regards to the Skype, there are two way bandwidth points, yours and the other person. I usually don't have problems and my speed is about 20/3. Like Gecko stated, lots of "stuff in between connection.

Also, most cable connections actually share connections with their neighbors like a large network. If many people are at home in your neighborhood and on the net, that could give you performance issues. With many people working from home these days, that could be a reason for the less than perfect conferencing experience.
I have the H340 'Logi' headset DM. They work fine, setup in W10 and W7 no problem and I get a good level from the mic. They are however very 'bassy' and lacking in treble. Now, I admit I am deaf and deaf for HF at that but my AKG K92s are much clearer then the Logis. (yes, ok twice the price but*)

*Every other 'king headphone/headset on sale touts "Killer Bass"... EFF OFF! Ok for the gamers and those that have the time to sit and watch blockbuster action movies but for HEARING WTF people are saying we need at least a FLAT response! I do NOT recommend these cans unless you have 20-20 lugs.