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Thread: Gutar impuse responses fizzing on small, cheap speakers

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    Gutar impuse responses fizzing on small, cheap speakers

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    I am recording in Reaper with Redwirez and Two Notes impulse responses. Signal chain: guitar with EMG 57- Marshall jmp1- Peavey classic 120 power amp- Two Notes Captor- Focusrite scarlet 6I6 - Redwirez/Two Notes. After much experimentation and mixing different IRs I have achieved a good metal tone that sounds good on all speaker types. The one remaining problem is that the cheaper speakers (Logitech computer speakers, earbuds) buzz and fizz at higher volumes while other speakers sound good with the same WAV file. All other WAV files by different artists, even when played through Reaper, do not buzz though these small speakers. I have tried varying all frequencies and cannot get rid of the buzz at medium to high volumes. Has anyone encountered this problem?

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    Maybe the small speakers/earbuds just suck. How do other isolated guitar tracks not recorded by yourself sound on these speakers/earbuds? How about dropping a sample and letting us have a listen?

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