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"Personally, I'm just looking for a smaller footprint than Cubase for this, but don't know if I'll find it. I don't have any sound drops or driver glitches, but I know I'm right on the edge of that. Playing live, I'd prefer to be sure I won't ever have any"

Just an observation from an old valve amp jockey Fingerz but, instead of ditching Cubase, which IS the Dogs for MIDI, why not look at the computer? Have you done all the optimizations? I assume it is a pretty dedicated laptop? I.e. you don't do your tax on it or let peeps play games on it? Make sure ram is 8G or over and remove any programs you don't need. I would suggest an SSD but I guess it has taken you a piece of work to get it "just so" and you don't want to mess with it? I trust you have the configuration imaged and backed up externally?

You aren't the first to suggest that, and it would be the logical thing to do. But, I can't upgrade my computers more than they already are. I'm an old computer tech, so I know what would make them more accommodating to NEW software, but my problem is a lot of my VSTs are free and software I've purchased is too old to work on a 64 bit computer, an OS newer than XP and one software that won't work on anything newer than windows 7. One driver won't work on anything newer than XP. So, you can see why I can't update my computers, or I'd also have to purchase nearly $1,000 worth of new software and hardware, too. I would love to do that. Maybe if I become a regional musical success, I'll have enough money to upgrade. But not right now. I don't even play the lottery, so I can't win.

I'm from the school of if it ain't broke, don't fix it. My recording hardware is old, but it's capable of very good quality recordings with many inputs and outputs. I have a recording computer and a sounds computer. They are connected via the SP/DIF. Everything is midi except for my KORG MS20 and like I said, all works quite well.

I am going to get a new computer for playing live, making it a small box. But, more than likely, I'll load XP on it and it will be 32 bit with 4gig of RAM. No need for 8 gig with 32 bit. It is likely that I'll have a solid state drive, though. All of the software I use works well with XP. It has it's limits, but I can live with that. Neither of my music computers are on line or networked. Nothing on them but XP and music.

Yes, I have all of my computers imaged and also backed up on an external drive. I'm going to get another one, too. I also need to get a stereo amp for my keyboards with powerful enough speakers for the synth frequencies. It's not really for a PA, but it could be used for a small one, too, I think. My VSTs are all stereo. Not planning on much singing, but some. I'm thinking active speakers. I already have a small stereo mixer.
Sorry, TMI?