Hi ,

Im making quick progress in mixing my own songs now, i am now at the point where i can synthesize all the basic percussion drums with only a synthesizer(Bass drum, hihat, clap). i am also known with compression , parralel compression, saturation, and tape saturation etc.. (talking about processing the drums) but one thing has always been a guess for me:what is used to make this ear tearing kick drum?

Is this very hard to make and do you have to tweak a lot of different parameters or is it just a couple of big steps you can take to make your sample sound similar? i know you can't know how to do it exactly but maybe you know any guidlines for me to take big steps towards getting this type of sound. I know it has some distortion on it , but i dont know which one, I also need to know what type of dry bass sound is used in the first place! an 808? 909?

I heard in a lot of track featuring this UK house genre, they all had a big impact on me and it is something i really would like to be able to do in my own tracks from now on as well, This is exactly what i need. i have a lot of plans with it so please help if you can!

Thanks in advance,