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Thread: Dynamic Mic to Pyle USB is low volume

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    Exclamation Dynamic Mic to Pyle USB is low volume

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    Thank you for accepting me to post as I am new to this forum!
    I have a BCD-1 Dynamic microphone connected via a USB through a Pyle USA XLR/USB converter which gets recorded onto Adobe Audition.
    This works perfectly and I am getting an input but the volume is really really low, I have to put amplify filters nearly +30db for to to be normalized. It produces static.

    Some options that I have considered but I dont know how to achieve is;
    Dynamic mics need phantom (?) which I dont know how how to turn on from a computer.
    I need an app instead of just a connector running from the mci into the computer.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Your mic doesn't require phantom power, but probably needs a mic preamp to boost it's signal. I'd recommend an inexpensive Audio Interface which has the pre amp and will convert your mic's analog signal to digital (your converter will not be needed), then transmit it to your computer via USB. Google 'usb audio interface' and have a look - there's something for every budget. A word of caution.. the interface will most likely have Phantom Power available to use but DO NOT USE with your dynamic mic.. it doesn't require it.
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    The trouble with those interfaces is that they're not really music products but designed for somebody to touch the grill to their lips and yell. If you try this you'll have enough gain, but stick it a foot away from an guitar and the hiss wins! Spantini's advice is right - you need a proper audio interface - one that has a knob for the gain. You're doing nothing wrong apart from having a low output mic and a low gain preamp in that horrid device.

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    @openskies2009 , the Pyle XLR-USB adapter I looked at was spec'd at 17dB gain (22dB max). That's pathetic, and clearly not designed for any dynamic mic, especially since it supplies phantom power. I wouldn't use anything like that, but, as suggested, get a proper audio interface with a microphone preamp supplying over 50dB of gain, 55-60 recommended, if you want to use a dynamic mic.

    P.S. Dynamic mic's DO NOT need phantom power. They do need a lot of gain.
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    SUCH a shame when peeps don't ask here first before they buy. For about the same money you could have bought the Behringer UMC22 (although I would strongly urge you to spend more for the 204HD).

    The (single) mic preamp in the 22 is probably not brilliant but I bet it is way better than that Pyle.

    If you have done all your money the alternative is to scour second hand and charity shops for a cheap mixer such as the Behringer Xenyx 502/802 which will boost the mic signal.


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