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Thread: drum track - midi or sampler?

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    hey guys,

    I am still pretty new in recording.
    In my first demo, I used Session drummer in CW9 to lay out my drum tracks which is midi and getting the sound through my JV1010. It sounded pretty good, but I am looking into possiblities for greater sound. Besides, I find using Sessiondrummer a little troublesome especially when adding drum rolls here and there.

    I have search the forums and people have been saying drum sampler is the way to go, namely Fruity loops.

    I notice that using drum samplers, you'll have to create the drum part using the samplers and exports it as wav file into CW9. am I right so far?

    My question is:
    what I like about using midi as drum track is that you can change the drum tempo and patterns whenever you like in the recording phase.
    with a wav file from the sampler, you are pretty much stuck with the drum track you have?

    is this the case, or these's a way to work around it?

    thank you for reading....

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    There is one workaround that can work. There are software that can split the beat sample into parts. For example ReCycle ( .

    With this you then can change the tempo.
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