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Thread: Condenser Mic Stand

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    Condenser Mic Stand

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    I'm planning on buying my first condenser mic, but I can't seem to find anything helpful about what stand I should use with it. Could I attach it to a regular mic stand, or do I have to buy a special stand? Also, could I attach a scissor arm to a microphone stand?

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    I like the Tama boom stands. Heavy enough -sturdy! good price, and have/are lasting me a long time.
    Scissor arm' -I assume but don't know, for studio / recording apps could tend to 'bounce a bit if not on a quite secure mount.

    Condensers also often like a shock mount - foot taps', other movements..
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    Any decent stand that you'd trust to hold a more expensive mic - so anything that won't fall over. Radio type anglepoise arms will be trickier, because they normally fit into a mounting holes or attach to clamps. If you fitted a standard mic thread that's a lot of shear force, so the only way I'd do it would be to machine up a spigot that would side down onto the mic stand inner piece, with a tapped thread on top, so the sideways force would not shear off the 10mm or so of top thread. It would probably require sand bags or similar on the legs though to stop it falling over.

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