The fact of life at people forget is that practically all the power supplies are made in China, irrespective of the brand on the box. There are amazing differences in quality and really the only thing is to get the spec and the connector right. Price is also a good guide, as are photos. Then you pay your money and wait. The connectors are in my view the worst part. Same size connectors that can be reliable or flaky because something is slightly wrong. I have a huge box of power supplies. I never throw them away but it rarely causes grief. They work, or do t work. If they power up and still work tomorrow left plugged in, they work for years and years till something changes. Current and voltage are all I look for. If I see a tiny adaptor rated at more than half an amp, I'm suspicious. Big and heavy ones probably aren't switch mode, so are probably going to be less stressed, but I go through the box, and the first one that has the right voltage, current and plug gets used.