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Thread: Audition & E-MU

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    Audition & E-MU

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    HI new to this forum so thank you in advance.

    I have had an E-MU 0404 PCIe for a while and after a catastrophic system failure and subsequent re install I cant get my E-MU and Audition to work together.
    If i remember I had major problems when i first installed it. Can nayone help.

    Patch mIx sees the card....eventually after 4 days of trying but Audition and Magix Music maker do not see any input. I get sound in the output but no joy from input at all. Says its not connected or just doesnt see it at all.

    I have tried ASIO4All and the E-mu ASIo and all the other settings so i must be really dense an doin something really basic wrong.

    The cables are in the same place as they were before, Im pretty sure of it. Im at the end of my rope. Creative who make E-mu dont seem to be interested at all and after several days of waiting for a reply to my email have now been redirected.

    Can anyone please help


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    Hi Woody,
    welcome to the looney bin. We none of us have much time for System Sound but I suggest you uninstall all the E-mu drivers and see if Audition (I have AA 1.5 btw which works fine on the mew build W7/64. Said it was "not compatible" when I first installed it but I ignored that and it worked anyway!)
    works on that. If so, got to be a Creative fault I would say?

    But then you say you are just out of disaster recovery? As one who has just borked a perfectly good XP rig I sympathise but are you DBSure everything is "back in place"? The lack of the most innocent seeming driver or dll file can screw your audio. Any yellow blobs in Dev Mang'?


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