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Thread: An Aspiring Gospel Artist

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    An Aspiring Gospel Artist

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    Hello Friends . I am new here, I am an aspiring gospel artist, have got the talent . but i dont know how to start recording.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.


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    Hi Tunde.

    There are several ways to get started recording. It depends on your technological "comfort zone", how complex you want your recordings to be, and of course, budget.

    If you're doing a solo act, maybe a piano or guitar plus vocal. you can get by with something simple like the Tascam Portastudios, or the Zoom recorders. If you have a reasonably current computer, you can use that with a basic audio interface. Add a few microphones, and recording software (like ProTools First, Reaper, or Cakewalk) and you can be recording.

    If you want to record a full choir, with a group, live in the church, you may need a more extensive setup.

    Look through the forums here, and read for a bit before you start throwing money on the counter! Lots of people were in your same situation.

    Good luck

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