Hi All,

I have extremely limited knowledge with DAWs and Midi and I believe that herein lies the problem. I recently purchased an AKAI LPD8. It is recognized in Cakewalk and it makes drum sounds. What I need to do is map drums to the pads on the LPD8, but this is proving to be a living hell.

I have read documents and watched Youtube videos, but with my lack of knowledge, a lot of this is Japanese to me. I think some numbers on the LPD8 Editor software are supposed to correspond to the numbers on the drums in SI Drums in Cakewalk, so I right clicked on the drums in SI Drums, wrote the numbers down, (Bass - 36, Snare 38, Cls Hat 42 etc) and entered them into the LPD8 Editor in the PC section. This gave me different results than I was getting but not the intended results. I then keyed in the numbers in the CC section of the LPD8 Editor but it still didn't work properly. (I did save and commit upload).

I downloaded djinndrum vst but I couldn't see any way of being able to get it to communicate with the LPD8. I saw a video with a guy using pads with FL Studios, and he was able to load a drum pad vst, and just drag drums onto the pads. That would be perfect, but I cannot see any way of doing that in Cakewalk.

All I want to do is be able to put down some beats, and I'm sure it can do it, but it is an ongoing horrible experience. I really would very much appreciate it if someone can give me a very simple solution to this nightmare, and save me binning this tidy little piece of kit.

Best regards