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Thread: Help with home video recording acoustic guitar.

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    Help with home video recording acoustic guitar.

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    Hi, someone please help.

    I am relatively new to all of this recording lark and I am having a few problems that I desperately need help with.

    I have recently spent around 800 on some equipment so that I can video record myself playing classical guitar and then upload to youtube.
    Here is my equipment in a nutshell:

    AKG C2000b condenser mic,

    Alto zephyr ZM 52 mixer

    Next Full HD 1080p camcorder

    I then connect this directly into the "mic in" socket on my camcorder.

    The problem is that the sound quality is far from what I was expecting.
    It picks up quite a lot of static and also picks up some "tapping" sounds that even I cant hear when I'm not recording.
    I dont know if this is because I am recording the sound directly onto the camcorder, but if I was to record the sound separate from video then how would I perfectly sync the two up afterwards? and what software would I use.

    As you can tell, I am in need of some help and would appreciate any suggestions.

    Many thanks

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    You could use a Mic (Mic-Interface-Pc) to record the guitar, then you match the final music with the video you'll be recording separatelly, and you'll have some great sound along with the video, that can work.

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