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Thread: Camera reaction to red background

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    Camera reaction to red background

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    I really need to RTFM, as they say. Not sure what was going on a couple nights ago. A friend asked me to set up and record at a local club - did the same pair almost a year ago and it turned out pretty well even though I had about half a clue what I was doing at the time. Now, all I know is that I don't know even more than I thought I didn't know back then... Anyway... guessing it's some auto white balance setting or something. Maybe the light was actually changing but I was mostly head down still dialing knobs on the Zoom F8 for audio (this was early in 1st set). I just don't see the problem as much, but still some, in the old camcorder I had on the side.

    UPDATE: a lot of this seems to have been caused by the default "fast" render setting for producing the compressed m4v file. I changed the setting to "slower but better quality" option and a lot of it went away. Not 100%, but I tried to do a straight H.264 file and it was over 3x the size, and when I finally managed to get it uploaded to YT, it was still "processing" after 3 hours, so I gave up on that approach. This 3'51" 1080 video was about 281MB, and compresses pretty well on YT even more.

    Any hints would be welcome, and always open to comments about audio, which is what I'm mostly interested in. The video is a "set up a couple cameras and hope" operation, still.

    (Unlisted "pre-release" vid - and this is NOT ME!)

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