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Thread: Zoom R8 recording.

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    Zoom R8 recording.

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    I can see I'll have a love hate relationship with this recorder. Used a Mxl 960 Tube mic on all instruments and vocals with a Mackie Blackjack onyx pre. Crappy room, tried to mix on headphones, really will have to get used to this R8, love the sound on it, but it has so many quirks. Drums were Alesis SR18 Just put down a basic beat and tried to do fills with the pads live.

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    I like the harmonies. Well played. generally nice sound. things are well balanced.

    I'd either compress the vocal a little more or do some fader riding. Words at the end of lines are real soft. I didn't care for the reverb on it. Just me maybe. I'd go for something smaller and closer.

    There's a cymbal on the left that sometimes is kind of harsh. For example I'm hearing hits at :58, 1:03, 1:08 that aren't pleasant.

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    the cymbals are a little hot in the highs, and I would add some more mids to the acoustic guitar, they have a little high harshness too. Overall the whole mix seems kinda heavy on the highs.

    Good balance, and the electric guitars sound great.

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