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Thread: YouTube audio remixing in Garageband

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    Question YouTube audio remixing in Garageband

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    Okay...I've downloaded several full concerts from youtube into Garageband. Most of them are from the 70's, of poor audio quality and/or possibly mono. My question is: what are some good tips to "clean up" the sound, i.e. make stereo, enhance quality to eventually import into iTunes?

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    There's an AU plugin that cleans crappy Youtube video into awesome stuff!

    It's called "Youtube crap into Garageband gold" plugin from Waves. Go get it.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    Bro, there's little you can do. Right off the bat, you're getting bad live recordings from the 70s. On top of that, you're downloading it from a crappy Youtube video converted into a bad Mp3.

    If you find the recording is muddy, I suppose you can cut a tiny bit of the low frequencies, but that won't do wonders. You can't turn a mono recording into stereo without getting individual tracks. There's nothing you can do to "enhance the quality." Crap quality in is crap quality out.
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