I did this recording about a month or so ago with my older equipment. I was ondering what you guys thought. You can find it here at myspace.com/illegaltone .
The song is called "You Were The One." I'm looking for mixing suggestions and overall mic technique. While you're at it, if you have time, could you give me some feedback on the other song, Man is Dead, as well. Both were recorded with my Lexicon Omega. You Were The One was recorded with sm57s on snare, toms, vocals and guitar. I used a Beta 52 on my kick. And two Nady cm-88s for OHs. Man Is Dead was composed in fruity loops and I recorded the vocals with an SM58 in the corner, yelling the parts from the middle of the room.

Thanks for any inpute in advance.

No need to comment on the heavy reverb, I'm well aware
I'm also aware of some the vocals getting off on Man is Dead in a couple of parts.