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Thread: working through adversity

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    working through adversity

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    Half the fun (for me anyway) of home recording is the challenges I face working with sub-standard equipment. I have to work with whatever I have. My latest project takes that to a whole 'nother level.

    I recently moved from California, where I had played in bands as a bassist for many years, to a very small community in Wisconsin. The first two people I met said they had some old instruments they used to play around on.

    They had never even played a song from beggining to end, or ever played with any other human beings!

    The timing still needs alot of work, but it's improving. I'm pretty proud of this bass/drum team for how quickly they've advanced in just a couple months. (I do all guitar and vox).

    Drums were recorded by having him play to a ghettoblaster CD player with headphones, recorded through a single PZM mic into Calkwalk Home Studio. (it's all I had to work with)

    Everything else went direct.

    Please reply with comments, very curious what you think!

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    Sounds pretty good considering you guys aren't totally cohesive yet, and you're working with inferior equipment. Vocals obviously need help so that I can hear what you're saying, but the overall jist that I'm getting form this sounds great. Not really a genre of music I listen to often, but I would listen to this if it came on the radio for sure.

    I like the chorus too! Good stuff. Keep us updated. I think it would be worth it to invest in some better equipment at this point.
    Ok. Alright.

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