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Thread: Whipping Post Cover

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    Whipping Post Cover

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    A friend of mine wanted me to help mer make a CD and this is one of the songs she wanted to do. I know the drums sound like crap but that's the best I can do right now. I'm mainly looking for advice on how to tweak this song to make it better. I've been recording for a while but I never really got the mixing part down. Any advice or comments are welcome. Thanks for listening.
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    Lots of great guitar playing going on here The drums are the big issue here - not loud enough especially for ABB who had two drummers. Turn 'em up. I felt the vocals were a little far back reverb wise compared to the guitars, but the singing was really good. It's getting there.....!

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    I really like the singer's voice...It's smoky, has alot of character, and better than most... but it's recorded quality just lacks bite. Maybe it's all the reverb, like ido said, or maybe a little eq work would do the trick? Also this song feels a little naked without a 20-minute jam in the middle.
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