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Thread: Welcome to the MP3 Mixing Clinic.

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    Exclamation Welcome to the MP3 Mixing Clinic.

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    This is the place to submit your works in progress for community advice, opinions and general comments.
    It's also the place to get involved and offer advice, criticism, suggestions to others.

    You can attach your music one of the following ways:

    • Attach an mp3 file to the post using the forum uploader - click attachments icon in post-writing view,
    • Embed a soundcloud player right in the post. It's automatic - Just paste the link.
    • Link another 3rd party service, but be aware most people won't be comfortable downloading files from an unknown site.

    New members will need to have 5 post or more in order to be able to post a link.

    Please note.......
    That this is a community forum which relies entirely on give and take from all participants.

    All members, regardless of experience or post count, are welcome, and encouraged, to comment on other members' threads,
    whether it's to offer criticism, suggestions, or simply to offer a compliment.

    So come on in, get involved, and most of all....Have fun!

    Not everyone reads sticky threads and forum guidelines, so don't be afraid to welcome our new members and invite them to get involved - Explain how it works.
    A community is what you make it. Make it friendly.

    I'm leaving this open for comments on what needs added/removed/emphasised.
    Let me know.
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    Here is a new song that I wrote when my daughter moved off to college. It's called "Along your Way". The was recorded and mixed in 3 different studios. How does it sound?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Paul View Post
    Here is a new song that I wrote when my daughter moved off to college. It's called "Along your Way". The was recorded and mixed in 3 different studios. How does it sound?

    A great original song that I thoroughly enjoyed, and very well performed. I love the idea of a father passing on his blessing and his everyday wisdom to a child beginning to cut loose, with optimism as well as a wistful sadness about an amicable but inevitable 'parting of the way'. It's the common lot of all parents, and I've been through myself. I thought the production was excellent, the instrument balance generally very good, but the first appearance of the brass sounded a little 'underneath' the mix, which wasn't the case when it appears next time., when it was more 'present'. As a bass guitarist liking a bit of Fender 'grunt' I found the bass line sounded a bit odd to my taste. It seemed to me to lack the 'gritty' attack that I prefer, and to - just maybe - sustaining a little too long, perhaps slightly 'getting in the way'. Was it a bass guitar or a synth / bass emulation? It also seemed to have a sort 'springy bounce' to it, but if that's what you like, then fair enough, don't change a thing!

    All in all, your daughter should be delighted with this song especially made for her. I hope you post more of your music. I mean my comments to be constructive, and I find little or nothing in this song that grates with me

    Duncan, UK

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