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Thread: Welcome To America Rap Beat (F4F)

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    Welcome To America Rap Beat (F4F)

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    Hello All,

    Checkout my instrumental of Welcome to America. I had this Lecrae acapella and I decided to put it the beat. I think the beat and the acapella vibe well. I know that the mixing isnt the best but Im still trying to learn and grow in that area, especailly with mixing vocal and a beat. All feedback, soundcloud comments, and etc would be appreciated. Dont be afraid to follow on soundcloud aswell lol. Dont forget to link your song so I can give you feedback on it.

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    At times it's pretty harsh (anything above 1khz is blasting itself into my ears).

    You may want to pull back on much of the compression, and apply some side chain compression on the kick/bass so you can get that thump you want without sacrificing the rest of the mix in the process. Keep in mind you will never win the loudness war, so it mind as well sound good.
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    I have no idea how you get it that loud!

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