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Thread: Up All Night

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    Up All Night

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    Hi, all. Been a long time since I posted a song, so here's a new one. I figure it's about my 15th song that I've recorded, so I'm still quite a newb at all this.

    1. That damn cardboard kick sound! It's from a very inexpensive synth (as if you couldn't tell), but no matter what I do with the EQ, I can't get the kick to sound better (cut between 400-600hZ, as suggested in one of my books). Any thoughts? And don't say, record real drums. Can't do that...yet.

    2. Overall mix. How are things sitting? Are the vocals too loud? Are the bass and kick drum competing? Do you think any of the tracks need reverb?

    3. Do you like it? Even if it's not your taste, does it sort of hold your attention, or do you want to fall asleep after a few minutes?


    "One by one, the days are slipping up behind us. One by one, the sweetest days of life go by." - Woody Guthrie

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    i couldnt even make it through the song... work on your vocals, and do something more interesting than one drum loop... just some friendly adivice

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