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    Waiting for Andy to post up some new Orange Robot Art as i'm a big fan now:

    anyhow here are two tracks of my own:

    track 6: "World on fire"

    Track 14: "Deal in Rotten Fruit"

    I'd really mainly like to hear about the feelings of "Deal in Rotten Fruit" particularly the beat aspects and other dynamics in the mix.

    and anything else.

    if there is something pressing about "world on fire" please let me know!

    if anyone is interested the last lyrics of WOrld on fire are:

    "i can't believe it you must believe in it"

    i mention it as those lyrics change the definition of the whole intention.

    also the speaking part in the center of "Deal in Rotten Fruit: follows:

    "i had a dream about something that wasn't there people on the street approached me with despair and a blood disease"

    also the the Chorus is "live in it , unless you want to pay" and sometimes "live in here, unless you want to pay, it".

    for interest sake i can't leave that out.

    please tell me your opinions.

    Shocked then relieved to see the announcement above was talking about the forum
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