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Thread: A tune I've been working on.

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    A tune I've been working on.

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    Any ideas? Any tips? I'm looking for this to be ripped apart! I know that the playing is sloppy, so I think this is more of a rough draft...
    I wanted to post this on a few forums to get as many ideas as possible. The problem I face is this; Im recording all of the instruments, and I get really to what the "goal" of the song is.....the mixing is bad, by the way! Watch out for that...
    I feel like I can just never get it right. Maybe it would be smart to refrain from listening for a week and come back to it later? I havent put the vocals on it yet either, so you have to listen with imagination I guess!!! I really appreciate it...

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    Holy crap. Dude that song is 9 minutes long!

    It's interesting, but kinda weird. The hard panned jazzy double-tracked drums is kinda distracting. And everything seems very repetitive, but maybe that won't be so obvious with vocals on top. I don't really have any advice or anything. Just figure out what you want from it and do it!

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    I love it, just having a quick listen at work.

    I`ll come back and listen on more time.

    I love your guitar work on this, sounds very Lattimer to me, (Camel).

    There is also some Oldfield in there.

    My first thought is to re-record it and get it wee bit tighter and then you`ll have a tune.

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