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Thread: Talking 'bout....

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    RAMI Guest

    Talking 'bout....

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    Pop Music.....

    ...I first posted a version of this a few months ago, but decided to re-track the whole thing. It's a bit of a corny pop tune, but at least it's not a love song.

    I just moved into a new house and my ears aren't used to the new room yet, so when I played the mix in the new place, I thought I heard all kinds of weird stuff I didn't hear before. I hope it's just my imagination.

    So, any help is much appreciated. Thanx.

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    This has always been my favorite song of yours. I don't know why. It just has a sort of a 60's garage-band-bubble-gum vibe and I like it. I remember the first time you posted it and I liked it immediately.

    Did you re-track the drums too? The snare seems to be lacking a little power compared to your usual drum tracks. It's got plenty of pop and click, but no real meat to it. I think the vocals - all of them - can come up a bit too. Everything else sounds pretty good. Nice jangly guitar tones. Cool song.

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    Near Perfect Power Pop Rami!
    I'm a PPop fan & this is on the ball.
    3 parts Beatles, 2 parts Plimsouls, 1 part Matthew Sweet & 4 parts RAMI.
    in terms of a perfect Ppop mix you only need to lift the little guitar line/runs a bit & you're THERE!
    Hope the new domicile is what you wanted/need.

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    I hate sounding like I'm blowing smoke when I review peoples tunes here...but this really is that good to my ears! I love this genre of music , and you really nail the vibe/sound well..vocals are great, lyrics are very catchy! Big fan of Matthew Sweet, and this is defiantly reminiscent of his work, but with your own stamp...You need to get a Rickenbacker and really start jangling !!
    Nice one Rami!
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    Definitely reminiscent of that era and vibe...

    Great guitar sound for this....very clear. I agree that the vocals are a little hidden. Not sure about the snare seems to fit the vibe of this tune, but maybe a bit more follow through sound would still sound good. Great bass again. It has plenty of punch to it.
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    Excellent tune RAMI - very well done. The vocal arrangement is very cool with the layering effect you use. Maybe just a bit up on the riff at the spot I would refer to as the "break" at 1:44. The drums are punchy as is the bass. You are getting quite the jangle out of the Strat !

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    Quote Originally Posted by variaxman View Post
    Big fan of Matthew Sweet, and this is defiantly reminiscent of his work
    Ha! That's one of my favorite typos! I love it!

    Regarding the song. Sounds real good to me - catchy fun song! I think the lead vocals could be a tad louder, maybe?

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    RAMI Guest
    Hey guys, thanx alot for all the comments and suggestions. I'll definitely bring the vocals up a bit, and maybe some more guits, too.

    Greg, the drums probably are a little less meaty than usual. Without trying to go retro, I wanted to have the snare ringing a bit and sound a little garage-y.

    I'll re-mix this while looking at the notes you guys left on this page.

    Oh, by the way, I've never heard of Mathew Sweet. I'll have to check it out. I'm not sure if I'll like it, because, to be honest, if this wasn't my song, I'd probably not listen to it.

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    RAMI Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by RAMI View Post
    to be honest, if this wasn't my song, I'd probably not listen to it.
    Hehehe! I kill me. That's actually pretty funny. I think I'll use it for my new sig soon.

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    The bass tone is a little LF heavy in my phones... Like it could use a little eq cut and volume boost.

    The low harmony on the vocal needs to come up a few db at least.

    Guitars sound nice and jangly.

    As always, great drumming and lyrics.

    Needs a harmonica solo!!!

    Question: at what resolution are you recording?

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