so last night our biggest fan, Tony came by and caught me in the middle of one of my, "fix the stupid stuff I do" moments. I was going thru cds that have nothing written on'em. I did pretty good this time, only had maybe 15 to mark. I have 100s of cds with 1,2,3 tunz on'em, and have a real bad habit of not marking them. and since there was no picking going on I decided to do this. well one thing lead to another, and I pulled out these 2 tape cases with 24 cassette tapes of the Spencer Hill Band that dated back as far as 1975. some tapes were recorded on boomboxes, some on a 2 track stereo recorder from you know where(RS). and a few were recorded live at some of our live shows. so we had a great time listening to some of these. back in the day when my wife and jerry's wife played guitar with the band. and listening to the many different combos of players that happened in and out of the band's life. I remember falling outs that happened from time to time, and folks we got to fill in for gigs. there were a couple different banjo players that joined for a while that were way ahead of the rest of the band. myself playing the mando full time. a fellow playing upright bass for a stint. jerry doing all the front person duties. he has the gift for gab. the ladies background vocals (killer). when we first started playing "as a band" we had a friend who played a tub bass with the band. he's passed on now, but I can remember nites he played until his fingers would bleed, wrap tape around'em, and keep on slamming that rope. another fellow that has also passed on, that flatpicked a guitar like there was no tommorrow. man I miss those fellows. but folks always made up, and the original band seemed to keep on keeping on thru the years.

L to R sitting, David Crews, my wife Nancy, Jerry's wife Linda, and Watson "mississippi" Mcdowell
L to R standing, Steve Lowery, myself, and Jerry Lovelace

the Spencer Hill Band

(sorry I linked the pic, but couldn't get it to print here)