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    Hey, im the guitar player from the awesome awesome band Solvo. We have some songs on our myspace currently, two of which were recorded live with some crappy video recorder, and the other was us playing at practice, recorded with our crappy mics through our crappy powered mixer. Im looking into getting better recording equipment, so we might be able to record a CD. Let me know what you think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SolvoRock View Post
    Hey, im the guitar player from the awesome awesome band Solvo. [/URL]
    I don't know man.....That's something you should let others say about you, if they think it. Saying it about your own band sets you up for disappointment. I was expecting something "awesome awesome". What I heard was a good band with a terrible recording.
    I'm not sure what you're looking for in terms of critique. If it's about the sound, I can't help you.
    If it's about the tunes, I like them alot, but it's a shame the live recording is so hard to make out.
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    +1 on the "cool band, I think?" chart. The recordings sounds like it was done with 1 room the back of the room...not much to work with.

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