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Thread: Solace Found in Summer Fields listen and advice please

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    Arrow Solace Found in Summer Fields listen and advice please

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    Hi All,

    Just a quick note to say that I now have a new track up on Soundclick. It's an instrumental called 'Solace Found in Summer Fields' and if anyone would like to listen to the streaming Hi-Fi or download the free mp3, you can find it at this link:

    This version is totally acoustic and recorded live in one take using 3 microphones, with no studio trickery and absolutely no effects, as it was written and recorded especially for an 'Unplugged' challenge that I came across. I may do something else with it at some time in the future, but for now it's nice and bare in a minimal sort of way.

    It's played on an early 1900's Blankenstein overstrung upright Piano and best listened to on headphones to hear the deeper chords and the wonderful natural string reverberation.

    Being a relaxing piano piece, this track is very different to the first track that I put up for listening to. By the way, this is the first time I've recorded a piano track, so any advice on recording piano's would be welcome.

    Hope you enjoy and feedback accepted if you feel moved to
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    Thing's got some bottom, doesn't it... wow.

    Back the mic that seems to be pointing at G5 off a little, it's creating a peak. The bottom end soaks in nicely. No highs.

    And of course; yes, it's old, but the pitchiness of the piano (especially in octave 4) is VERY distracting.

    The piece seems WAY darker than the title indicates. Great title, but for a different song, you know? This had a melancholy, medieval, you've-been-listening-to-Sting-haven't-you sort of dreary grayness to the patina. Very pleasant, but not at all summery or fieldlike.

    Nice meditative piece!
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    TUNE YOUR PIANO RIGHT! I hate out of tune pianos! Mine is about 40 years old and doesnt sound perfect but when its in tune its playable and nice sounding.

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