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Thread: small timer in need of live mix advice.

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    small timer in need of live mix advice.

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    So, I finally got a live gig errrrrrrrr......I invited a dozen or so friends over for an evening of hard liquor and live music in my 12'x30' basement.

    I finished my first home recorded CD recently and to celebrate I figured I'd play live in my house with a grip of friends.

    I don't have a clue how to make it sound decent though and I would like to record the set if possible. This is where you fine folks come into play..........

    Any suggestions on how to make this room sound decent would be just groovy.

    The Equipment.

    I've a decent 4 channel pa mixer and more pa power than I need.

    I intent to put the vocals through the pa (and my acoustic git for the first set)

    A friend is playing with me through his pro sonic amp. He will be on electric git the entire night.

    I will play acoustic through the pa for half the set and then electric through my amp for the rest.

    I've got a dynamic mic for vocals

    I've an mxl v67, a shure pg81, a shure 848 (another condencer mic) ,and I could round up more mic's if need be, for recording purposes. I'm just gonna lay it down on a tape deck cause my Computer based digital studio is out of order right now.

    I've a little 4 channel eurorack mixer and an ART tube preamp.

    The PA mixer has built in 2 band eq (which I've tweeked to get the git sounding decent enough) and built in reverb (which I keep trimming off the vocal channel cause I'm a recovering verb junkie)

    So, that's that. Hope I didn't leave anything out. Any help on makeing the live mix sound decent and the recording being worth listening back to are certainly appreciated.

    Wierd that I've been writting songs and playing and recording for years but, I'm such a nervous, know nothing neophyte

    Thanks in advance for your giving


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    no real advice sorry...

    but when do we show up...what should i bring??

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