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Thread: Several New Tunes....

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    Several New Tunes....

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    Well.... after many months of just gigging on pedal steel, I've returned to writing and recording. I've got several new tunes up on my site.

    Steve's Songs

    "The Morning Son".... a Christian country tune that I wrote a couple of Saturday mornings ago. I'm pretty happy with the steel part which is weird. Generally, I don't care much for my own steel playing... just being critical.

    "FM 46"... A snapshot of the tiny texas town I live in.

    "Angel by Mistake" A song for my grand daughter Ashley. When she heard it, she said "grampa, why didn't you use a trumpet?" sheesh! critics.

    "Icehouse Time In Texas" Just a fun romp of a tune.

    "Lonely Close Behind" Features a real singer! This is Robert Stutts, the lead singer of the band I play pedal steel for.

    Steve Stallings
    The Songs

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    Couple of suggestions. First, it's difficult for people to comment on several songs at once. You should probably pick one you need help with and limit it to that. (Just a suggestion)

    Anyway, I listened to FM46. (Farm to Market road, if I recall from my days in Houston ).

    It's nicely played and performed. However, the vocals don't seem to fit the instrumentation. By that I mean it's like they were performed in two different places. The vocals are very dry, while the instruments have a small, hardwood room sound to them. You might want to consider using the same reverb on both, or at least slapping some light reverb across the entire mix to bring them together.

    Also, I think the vocals are slightly too loud for the music (or more accurately vice-versa, the music is not loud enough for the vocals). This, however, might he helped if you can get them to sound like their in the same room.

    You could also stand to spread everything out horizontally. It sounds like everything is panned down the middle. Move the acoustics and the percussion stuff to the left and right a bit, and spread the drums somewhat.

    Good stuff, though. I think the above suggestions will help a lot.

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