We (me: drummer, and other 2 guitar players) had a spare evening and we quickly tried to record one of our songs to see if with the equipment I own we will be able to make our own demo disc.

I haven't done much work to the snare yet and you'll hear that cause it does not trigger a couple of time (in drumagog) still need to fix it..

Also I think guitar will need more gain, we didn't have any extra stuff on stock (no TS) so we just used the ENGL Ritchie Blackmore distortion of the amp...

Well...let me know..

p.s: I have not toms edited in this mix...still need to be mixed in there...i'm lazy boy.. the bass and vox weren't available that evening so they'll take some time another night...and then i'll edit that in..

I'm "out" of time a couple of times in the drumtrack, but hey..we've just done this in les then an hour....