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Thread: Rock, modern, but not futuristic

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    Rock, modern, but not futuristic

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    Ok, this is my first post on here that is subject to critique. I have put more into this than anything else I have written/recorded.

    The track in question here is "Disguises"

    Do your worst!

    ...and thank you in advance, as I appreciate your unbiased responses
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    The cymbal off on the right seems a little lonesome and odd.
    the drums in the intro are way to loud & the stagger rhythm, initially, sounds wrong until something else happens to put it in context. You may need to program another intro drum or put something with it to add context.
    Bass needs some definition.
    No real thud from the bass drum on my semi decent stereo (not computer)speakers.
    Good song, some good performances too. Singing sounds right in the sweet spot.
    Nice work.

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    I think it's a great song. Ray is alot better at going into detail than I am, but my overall impression is that it can use more low end, especially the bass drum. I personally like the stagger rythm right from the beginning. Nice vocals.

    I'd say a little more low end and you've have a good, solid, heavy tune. Performance and writing-wise, I love it.

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