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Thread: To review , wouldnt you have to view it twice?

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    To review , wouldnt you have to view it twice?

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    Now that i have your attention. Id like to see how i can improve the song I recorded for my friends. The song is on . the name of the song is " Ana Jones acoustic ". I think its one of my best recordings yet but then again , I havent recorded that much. I'd really like to have some of your input for how i can improve my amateur mixes. thanks alot for those who care enough to read and even more if you give me some input.

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    Lift the guitar - no lift everything - too quiet.
    The song seems good.
    The b/vox don't sit too well - mind you conflict may be the intention.
    What happened to the bass?
    Leave it for a couple of days & remix from scratch starting with the main voice, then the guitar/s & then see where the b/vox fit.
    Try to get a decent bit of EQing done if there's not much bass & mid contained within the source material.

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