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Thread: rap vocals mixed on a mp3

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    rap vocals mixed on a mp3

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    would like to get some feedback on the vocal-mixing here, im new to homerecording and been rapping for about 2 years.
    any thoughts are appreciated! thanks!
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    I like the song. It has an old school 90's Scarface kinda vibe (that's a good thing). IMO, the mix can use some adjustments, and it can use some production help. For example... in the hook, I'd put an echo on "proud to be alive" so it went like "I'm proud (proud) to be (be) alive (live)". Also, I'd switch up the sound of the vocals so there is some variety between the verses and the hook. If you would be willing to break the song down into different tracks (drums, samples, verses, hook) I will work on it and show you what I mean. The song is good (as far as music/vocals go), but not as good as it can be... yet. Let me know if you want me to work on it for you.

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    Wow. I think this sounds fantastic man. Good job.

    I wish the vocal tracks were just a little more forward in the mix and I can imagine some additional processing working here and there on the vocal tracks (most notably the hook) as noted above, but it's pretty freakin' cool as is.

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