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Thread: Randall Collins - written by Norman Blake, used with permission

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    Randall Collins - written by Norman Blake, used with permission

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    Back in 2006 I recorded out of my bedroom directly to a Fast Track Pro into ProTools 7. I mixed it the best I could with what I had (I have lots more plugins now!). I put it on a CD with 9 other songs, sent it to a contact in Nashville TN, and it got some airplay on WSM!!!!!!! I was really excited about that.

    Randall Collins

    Mark Mathewson - guitar, lead vocal
    Mark Stoffel - mandolin
    Casey Driessen - fiddle
    Doug Knecht - banjo
    Jill Stargardt

    I'm Doug, and played the banjo on the recording. If you have any feedback, it would be appreciated.

    You can find the tune at BanjoHangout at

    Banjo Hangout Jukebox

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    I think this is fantastic! I'm more than a bit curious what microphone(s) you used and how you set them up to record so many acoustic instruments so well.

    Thanks for posting.


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