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Thread: Prog Rock

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    Prog Rock

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    Greetings-I posted this as an instrumental some time back and recently added vocals. I still hear a few things that need attention and the vocals in general are kind of meh, but i think the basic balance is good. Let me know how it sounds to you, thanks for your time!


    the motion leads you down a path
    you're standing in the thick of it
    lights camera action
    people come at you from everywhere

    a voice stands out among the rest
    but who is meant for it
    you call toward the place
    the place you've never been

    A message streams across their sight
    all captive to the neon lights
    a vision of the past
    and what it meant to be

    the voice shouts and blocks the light
    people come from everywhere
    motion leads you down the path
    of what is meant to be

    Mix 2

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    Cool vibe, Strat.

    Guitars seem a little mid-strong, but my ears are shot from mixing, so see what others say.

    Cool, tasty chords in there for sure. I like when the left guitar comes in halfway through the verses, sounds big.

    Bass could maybe use a little more low-end, but again, see what others say.

    Cool dreamy 'verbs on the leads. Love the last chord, too.

    Cool tune, man! Very tasty.
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    Agree the guitars have too many mids.
    I liked the song, though. Vocal sounds like Lou Barlow.

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    Very cool song!! Vocal sounds like coldplay.
    The guitars are
    Very well played!!!
    Great song!

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    Kick and cymbals are loud compared to the snare, which sounds 'way back' in the room.
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    I enjoyed it. I have to agree that the guitars are walking over the vocal in places and would be more translate t with a mix cut.
    everything else sounds good
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    Like the instrumental chorus. I hear a variety of prog influences in there ('80s Yes, '70s Floyd, Porcupine Tree).

    I don't hear the guitar issue, but listening on headphones. I agree the snare might be a little too buried. The delivery/pace of vocal delivery for the following line seems off, may just need a retrack?

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    Hey I like this a lot.

    It has a very big vibe to it.

    It covers a whole lot of ground for a <3 minute song.

    Curious about the title - what's that mean? Is that a mashup of bipolar and aggressive?

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    Thank you all for your time and comments, i've been slaving over this till i'm just sick of it-I started from scratch again today and what i came up with is sounding very similar, maybe better balanced but weaker in volume so packs less impact unless the volume is compensated.

    One difference for the better is the kick drum-version 1 it is pretty obnoxious sounding the remix i've come down on the kick and subsequently the bass but they should sound more distinct now.

    Guitars were widened they were at 50ish l/r now they're at like 75. Eq'd the left side guitar a bit.

    Drum overheads widened

    There's a percussion part during the A section, almost sounds like a snare drum-barely audible until you hear it

    There's 4 tracks of vocals in the C section-

    Vocals may be even more buried than before-i accidentally deleted my vocal bus with all the processing, not sure about the way i remade it. Changed out a few lines with alternate takes.

    On the "mastering" end i went through an eq to remove a little in the 100ish hz range and did a small high shelf up starting around 6k-Vintage Warmer for some volume and grit, and waves limiter adding another db or 2. I could do better, i made the master right after several hour of fairly loud mixing.

    Renamed to Sirens Call-You're correct Manslick i put the original title together to describe this as an instrumental-but it didn't really fit the lyrics.

    Remix is up if anyone is interested, i tried to use all suggestions made, thanks all for your time!
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    I thought it was a cool song that had a great feel to it.

    I thought the crunch guitars were a little thin, but to me it worked well in this song.

    You might want to do some fader riding on the bass. There were some sections where I thought it was too loud - and dominating the guitars.

    The drums to me sound very roomy. More-so than the other tracks. They seem far back in the mix and almost in a different space.

    I may nudge the level on the synth a db or two.

    But a great feel to the song. I liked it.

    edit - the bass has certain notes that come out boomy. I think that's more of what I'm hearing. You may need to find the boomy frequency and notch it down.

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