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Thread: paging b sabbath

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    paging b sabbath

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    Well, this is at least as good a thread as the last one, but I bet it doesn't go the distance. Never mind. Here's something you said:

    "I have a quick off topic comment.. I think people should stop critiquing peoples critiques.. I have watched 4 people in the past few months jump on mixmkr regarding his comments.. I remember how much it annoyed me when chrisharris (under the name of Melonhead) did that to me.. I'm not pointing anyone out (dobro,w.i.s.c etc,) but it seems like it could make someone second guess there first initial reaction to a tune, and that's not cool.. I think the first thoughts are usually the most accurate.. or at least to the person thinking them.. It rarely seems to go well when people critique a critique.. Let everyone enjoy their own opinion.."

    Here's my response to what you said: you do ace writing, performing, recording and mixing, but I still disagree with your comment. Here's why:

    1 I'm not into rules and restrictions particularly. If someone wants to respond to what another person said, well okay. Why not? Why restrict what people say?

    2 I agree with you when you say that first thoughts are often the most accurate, but I also know that people disagree. More than that, I know that when people disagree with each other about my mixes, it says to me: there's legitimate disagreement about this, so what I've done isn't wrong, it's just a matter of taste. (Having said that, I try to weigh up the experience and expertise of the persons making the comments, cuz some people know more and help more than others on this board.)

    3 I don't want stupid flaming, but critiquing the critique is really okay. It's a legitimate exchange of views.

    "So in closing, I strongly believe marijuana should be legalized... NOW!"

    Well, duh, yeah! Haven't they legalized marijuana over there yet? What's the matter with the government? I mean, over here, they *kill* people for selling dope, but you sort of expect Asian governments to be different.

    So, what do we all have to do? Move to Holland? Is that the only sane place to live? I bet the Dutch don't think so... Or do we just conclude that Europe is still maturing at a faster rate than the New World.

    Or do we just let people say what they want to say, and trust to the outcome to take care of itself?

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    Re: paging b sabbath

    Originally posted by dobro
    1 I'm not into rules and restrictions particularly.
    no shit...If I want hiss in my recordings, I'll put it in, dammit!! Who says you can't have hiss in a recording anyway?

    And...who made up the stupid rule you need a nylon stocking and some kind of stolen handgun to rob a quick shop? There should be no restrictions. They should just hand you the money, without even asking.... but that might be a rule

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