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Thread: Open Mic Night at the Cafe Virtuale

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    Open Mic Night at the Cafe Virtuale

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    As part of a class project I am thinking of starting another podcast to be called Open Mic Night at the Cafe Virtuale. The name sums up the concept rather well: Ecclectic, amateur, and tied together by the feel (added by sfx and ambient beds) that it was recorded at some small hip club. In addition I plan on trying to set up a 'virtual tip jar' (paypal donations) so that the listeners can tip the artists themselves.

    Anyhow, since I have been a longtime bbs poster I thought I would start my search for submitters here. Here is the basics:

    1. You have full legal responsibility for your submitted performance. You must certify that what you have full rights to both the work and the performance. Any complaints about copyright violations will be passed through to you.

    2. No limits on genre. Ecclectic is part of the goal.

    3. No limits on it necessarily being music. If you (or someone you know) has some cool poetry or spoken word art or stand-up comedy that would be fantastic.

    4. The first generation of the podcast is NOT expected to carry an 'explicit' tag. So if the material you want to submit has coarse language your choices are to either edit it yourself or submit it anyway with a warning. If the initial podcast is a success I plan on creating another called Late Night Open Mic at the Cafe Virtuale that WILL carry the explicit tag. But bear in mind that it might be a long time, if ever, before that happens.

    5 Ten minutes maximum on your set. However submit your best stuff only. If you have two good pieces that are a total of six minutes don't add a lame one to make it nine. I will accept a good three minute submission but reject a ten minute submission with one lame minute.

    6. I will be introducing the acts so there is no need to introduce yourself. If you would normally introduce the song or give some background on it as part of a live performance go ahead.

    7. Final decision as to whether to include a submission in the podcast is mine.

    8. You retain all rights to your work. Your submission implicity indicates approval to include it in the podcast.

    PM me if you want to get involved.
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