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Thread: Oh the pain!

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    Oh the pain!

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    EDIT: I forgot the link...

    This is somewhat of a milestone for me;

    -My 360sqf ceiling is 30% covered in 1" OC 703 nailed directly to it. This is the first time I've recorded at home with such extensive treatment.
    -I tuned the drums! VERY hard to do since I'm not a drummer, nor do I have any experience tuning Aquarian reso heads...Oh my god what was this guy thinking?
    -I used an MXL990 as a room mic for the drum kit.
    -Drumagog on ONLY the kick since I still lack a real kick mic.
    -Solid state and tube amps but with the same guitar! (Epi LP custom stock w/ brand new strings)

    I don't require any criticism on the musicianship of the performers; they're just trying to get a decent demo together so they can get some real shows/MySpace attention/networking going, and I have always admired their heart and determination despite all the shit they've gone through as a band (vocalists doing lines at practice and getting sent to rehab never to be heard from again, 3 years of breaking up and struggling on with different guitarists/bassists)

    I'm doing this for free so unless I learn something from the experience, it's less valuable to me.

    So I ask, what have I done right, what have I done wrong? Give me some honest criticism.
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