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Thread: The Ocean (An experimental hip-hop piece)

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    The Ocean (An experimental hip-hop piece)

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    This is just a rough draft of a song that's going to be two verses when it's fully complete... mixing isn't as great as some peoples here but I really tried to make sure the vocals stood out in the mix and I like to experiment with different vocal effects and styles as well.

    Lyrics are a sort of metaphor, somewhat surreal in nature. My vocal style is a sort of laid back almost monotone style, I suppose. But it fits my production I think.

    I made the beat as well.

    It isn't mastered (it's just a rough draft) so it's a bit quiet.

    the ocean.mp3

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    I thought it sounded OK. Vocals are clear. A little bit brittle, but OK. I didn't care for the distortion on them. I'd practice on the delivery. It could be a little smoother.

    The snare is really loud. Vocal is a bit loud too.

    The synth on the hard right sounds a bit disjointed. I'd move it in just a bit and turn it down a little.

    I didn't care for the kick sound. It's like it's in between a techno sound and a rock sound. I'd go for a more techno sound for a song like this.

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    When did beats get so minimalist? Is it Lorde's fault?

    Trip's probably right about the clean vox being a bit loud for the mix. The distortion is kind of weird too; it doesn't match the mix.

    Everything else is clear and audible I guess. I dunno; I really don't like this trend.

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    I would use a mix of the distorted vocal mixed with the original at least. Not a fan of that particular distorted tone at all, but I see where you are going. Maybe try another type of distortion. That one does take it away from the mix too drastically IMO.
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