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Thread: Newspice, Tell me what you think

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    Newspice, Tell me what you think

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    This is one of the songs off of my bands first EP, some comments and feedback would be nice.

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    The lyrics and vocals deserve better backup. The verb on the flute sound is so different from the vocal that it should be changed, I think. The banjo part would sound better if it was fingerpicked. The drum intro sounds clumsy. I think I'd rein in the verb on the tambourine, flute and banjo.

    You know, there's a sort of music that sort of shambles like a cross between a drunk and a madman, but this doesn't sound like that. This sounds like it should be retracked. Except for the vocal. I really like the vocal, and I really like the tune. I love that line about wearing the golden pants. Just do it again. It deserves it.
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