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    Talking Newbie Tunes

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    Hi folks,

    I just started recording my music a few months ago, and would like to share my results. I play all the instruments, and write *most* of my own lyrics. I'm still very new at mixing, so things don't sound quite as I'd like them, but I'm still learning.

    And pardon my singing...

    Anyway, the songs are at They are:

    "What is Love?" - Lyrics are by someone else... I was commissioned to write the music. Not my personal style of music, but I'm happy with the result

    "Learn" - Acoustic intro followed by lots o' guitars

    "King of Ever Endings" - Pink Floydish. I think there's a good song here somwhere buried beneath the bad singing!

    Any and all feedback is welcome. Thanks alot!

    - MIke

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    First off, when you post a URL make sure there isn't any superfluous punctuation at the end. You put a period after your sentence so the link took me to the wrong place.

    Second, I'm not much for signing up to download mp3's, and I couldn't get the streaming audio to work. I think you'll have a better response if you post one song at a time.

    Sorry dude,

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