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Thread: newbie with no clue

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    newbie with no clue

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    Hi guys. I've been DIY recording for a while now, and I recorded this piece with a digitech RP50 modeling pedal, squier strat, yamaha keyboard, audacity, and an mxl990 condensor through my PC sound card. I want to know how to take that mix to the next level though - what would you suggest? I don't know much about equalization, and only minimal compressor knowledge. Thanks.

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    You migh pick up panning..?

    You've mixed everything in the center.

    Double the guitar tracks by playing an other one, the pan them left and right. Loose the weird peeping sound on the left.

    Get at least, a stereo-pair of mics.
    With them, you can induce some stereo-image in the drums.
    The guitarsounds are workable, guitarist needs to rehearse some, and have the singers sober when recording.
    \m/ WAR OUT!! \m/

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