[Pro-Tools LE 6.1/Digi 001, Roland XV5080, Various Auxiliary Percussion and My Voice]

This is it folks. Of course, completely written, vocailized, arranged, produced and copy written by yours truly Harold Everton.

"In Control" is an up-tempo, funky, dance R&B tune reminiscent of late 70s Michael Jackson and Prince. The song is about taking control of your life, grabbing life by the horns and getting things to turn out the way YOU want them to. Disguised as a song about a guy getting played by a girl until he opened his eyes and flipped the cards, it's sure to have you snapping you fingers and tapping your feet.

There's an eight bar open section in the middle of the song for a FEMALE rapper. I'm looking for you! If you want to contribute, send me a message or leave me a comment.

"In Control" by Harold Everton. Be sure to check out some of my other songs "Somebody Else's Shit", "I Wantchya" and "This Is Payback". More songs are coming soon and will be available on my upcoming "World Gone Mad" album.