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Thread: New mix for suggestions

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    New mix for suggestions

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    This is my first song to complete. It's called Through the eye of the needle by Blood Red Disciple. There is another song called The Posession but it was aborted before finished. I recorded this in my shed in my back yard. There are Two rhythm Guitar tracks and a small lead part for the transition recorded with a sm57 mic'd half stack. There are quite a few tracks of vocals, mainly behind the speaking part when the guitars come in. The talking is being doubled by screaming in the background and panned to either side for each line. The bass was recorded with a beta52. Drums- Snare double mic'd with sm57's, Beta52 on kick, Cad 1200's( I think) on O.H.'s, sm57 and Cad 412's(I think) on toms. I used a firepod for preamps and Tracked and Mixed in Adobe Audition on a $300 Emachines computer. Listed to the one that says mix2

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    I have no criticism i'm afraid, just wanted to bump it and say that to me that sounds like a finished package; and on to the next thing.... a lot of hard work has gone into that!, very professional sounding.

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    All I can offer is a suggestion that you give the bass a bit more clarity.

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