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Thread: New mix

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    New mix

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    Here's my latest stab at mixing something lol...this was provided as multitracks either here in the mix this section, or on Cambridge's site...don't remember which.

    Anyway, check it out and lemme know what you think...
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    The vocals sound alright, but just about everything else sounds distant. It could be a lack of mastering, which often unifies the sound and makes everything mesh (when done properly).

    The hard panning of the verse guitars doesn't work. Try some faux stereo panning to allow that single tracked instrument to fill the whole stereo field. Sonar has a channel tools plugin that I use for this, but some chorus plugins also have a widening effect. Instruments coming from one location in the mix is generally done for effect nowadays since the tools to make everything full sounding are available.

    The instrument choices (not made by you obviously) is poor IMO.
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