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Thread: Need feedback on my singing abilities

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    Need feedback on my singing abilities

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    I've been playing guitar for years and I never used to be able sing decently (nor did I really care, cause that's the punk rock way). Now I care, and for the past couple of years I've been focusing more on my singing (especially the past few months). I can usually tell when I wander off key, especially when listening back, but I don't have a solid feeling overall of my ability. Sometimes I wonder if I'm actually singing, or I'm simply talking loudly (?).

    So, here I stand in front of the firing squad. I have two tracks I'm interested in people listening to: one is a Velvet Underground cover, one is an original that I wrote to win a girl's heart (I'm still working on the heart). They are quick'n'dirty me+acoustic tracks (recorded straight with two SM81's into a Firepod). Please be honest but gentle.

    Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes
    Me - Stupid For You

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    Hows it going man. Listened to Stupid For You. Listening on headphones and you sounded good to me. Didn't come off as "talking loudly" to me . I had a bit of a hard time hearing the vocals on the phones. When the guitar went muted and you were alot more audible it sounded fine, fits the song. Never questioned your singing at all. Hope that helps.

    Take care man


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    i can understand why you doubt your ability to sing since i can hear you're not a 'natural singer'.

    but there's nothing wrong with the timbre of your voice nore the pitch and i'm certain with some effort and practice you can make this work.

    the singers from bands like "the notwist" or "porcupine tree" have to work with roughly what you have and they make it work so ...

    "it's all a load of bollocks anyway"
    Eddy H.

    Sanktul Layer

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    Just keep practicing... One of the first steps to singing well is knowing when you are off key and such... So, since you can do that you are off to a good start. It sounds like you have a good idea of how to sing. I sing, fairly decent now a days but 2 years ago was a different story, but the more I kept at it, the better I got. Try doing double takes matching yourself and whatnot... Try doing harmonies and whatnot... And just get a feel for your voice.

    Eventually you stop holding back and get confident and sing with alot more power.

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