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Thread: my first record-try

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    my first record-try

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    so I tracked down a first test
    only vocals and guitar over a synth-drumpattern
    (I want to play around with the vocals and guitar to get a hang of Cubase before recording anything else)

    I recorded the guitar with my POD2
    and the vocals with a cheap Elvis-mic

    all recorded with my Tascam FW1082 in Cubase
    didn't do any editing yet (besided soundlevels)

    you can find the audiofile here:

    I really need some help with making the voice sounds better / warmer / rougher / ..
    and the guitar also needs the be warmer / heavier / ..

    what 'effects' should I use .. or what should I do

    remember, I use Cubase (try to use Cubase ;-)
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    Well you can try a pitch shifter.

    Maybe try some compression. I don't use Crapbase so I dunno what else to tell ya.

    I would also point out that. With no talent I don't think you will get what your lookin' for in the voice.

    I know there was a nicer way to put that but, O' well.
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    no problemo ;-)

    it isn't me who's singing

    and it's the guys first try .. so maybe maybe ..

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