Since I have like died for a couple of months....I care to share some of the stuff I have been doing

Well I have been stuck with my band song-writing and all the goodstuff.

This is quite old (6 months old)
but it's the recent one of something I've done


Drums -
Pearl Session Customs
Paiste Dark Signature Cymbals

D112 on Bass
Sennheiser e609 on Snare
Samson QToms on the toms
and mxl 990s for overheads (the 991s were too bright for the taste)
the drums were recording in a VERY VERY small room with no sound treatment.

The guitars I used were a bunch of Ibanez's (mostly my custom EX360)
I don't have that great of an amp so i plugged it through an mg50 (BLECH)
Bass was direct.
Vocals was through 990 through a dmp3